Surface Treatment Service

Electroless Nickel (EN/ELP/Ni-P)

Electroless nickel plating is a chemical process without the use of electric in the process of nickel deposition on all surface areas.

Tin plating (Sn)

Tin has the lowest melting point of all plated metals and has excellent solderability.

Zinc plating (Zn)

Zinc Plating is widely used for rust prevention of steel materials. Zinc oxidizes faster than steel and prevents steel from oxidizing.

Electro Nickel plating (Ni)

Electro Nickel plating is a process of deposition nickel onto a metal part by using the electrical current control.

Gold plating (Au)

Gold plating is hard gold type (Au 99.7%) , have properties good electrical conductivity, solderability, corrosion resistant, oxidization resistance.

Silver plating (Ag)

Silver plating has good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, appearance.

Black Nickel plating (BNi)

Black Nickel plating is an electric plating process and the characters of Black Nickel deposit are good black appearance, corrosion resistance, low reflection.

Nickel Boron Plating (Ni-B)

Electroless Nickel Boron plating is a chemical process without the use of electric current by chemical catalyst creating metal film Nickel-Boron alloy on the surface.

Electroless Nickel/PTFE

Electroless Nickel PTFE plating is a plating in which added PTFE into nickel plating with high corrosion resistance. The inclusion of PTFE particles on the plated surface improves lubricity and releasability.

Copper plating (Cu)

Copper plating is mainly used as a base plating for precision parts because it has excellent electrical conductivity and plating is relatively evenly deposited even on complicated shapes.

Black Oxide/Blackening (BO)

Black Oxide coating is change metal surface to oxide of metal that will be black film on surface of metal. Black Oxide coating for appearance, corrosion resistant.

Acid Cleanning & Passivation

Acid Cleanning & Passivation is wash surface by acid, for defeat oxide depart metal and that will be thin passivated film on the stainless surface.